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    Name: Shortsnout

    Age: 28

    Favourite Books: Harry Potter, The Host, Life as we Knew it, Shade's children.

    Favourite Anime: Inuyasha, Wolfs Rain, Dragonball Z, Beyblade, Yu Gi Oh, Tenchi Muyo, Eden of the East.

    Info: Well I live in England which is sometimes nice and sometimes I despise it. The rain doesn't bother me, but I hate the cold. HATE IT. My aspiring goal is to one day become a full fledged writer and eventually sell my own work. Shame you don’t get paid to just stay at home and write…Otherwise I would be churning out a lot more fanfics.


    Curse of Artemis: Sadly the story is drawing to its conclusion. I saw the length of it the other day and my heart stopped…It’s practically a novel! I mean what a sense of achievement! I’ve also received so many positive comments about it…it has been really fun to write.

    Jedi 3060 has drawn a picture of Artemis and Apollo, if you would like to see it you can click on the link here,

    The Rise of Apollo: Coming soon…Check back for spoilers.

    Anger is a sin: Currently on hiatus. Mainly because I’ve lost inspiration for this Fic and am unsure as to where it is headed, I will return to it once my ideas start to flow again.

    Revelation: Didn’t get a warm response to the beginning of this story…Might post a few more chapters and see how it goes.

    Mine to kill: When I have some spare time in my life, my intent is to go back over this fic, check it once again for errors and grammar mishaps and add some more to the plot and then re post it.

    The temptress within: Will repost more chapters as and when they are written.

    Now my course has finished till October, I’ve been trying desperately to finish The Curse of Artemis.  I’ve been toying with the idea for a while to write an actual novel called, ‘The Curse of Artemis.’ I don’t want to give too many details away…but it’s a project I’m considering. I’d love to hear if anyone would be interested… I don’t want it to end up a fifty shades type of story. (Originally a twilight Fanfic.)

    Most of the Emails I receive are normally encouragement to write more, and as much as I smile seeing pleas to write faster, sometimes it’s really not possible. Now that my daughter is a year old and life has settled down, it’s easier to find time to actually write.

    Please review my stories, not only does it give me insight into what people think and what they enjoy about the fic’s, it honestly spurs me on to make time to write more. Nothing gives you a positive boost like seeing people enjoying what you have written.

    As always feel free to email, I don’t bite…hard.

    Check out my blog at: I have many original short stories featured.


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