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    I swear a lot. I enjoy blue balloons. I find Girl Scout cookies fascinating, that's why I eat so many of them. Someone should tell the C.I.A. that "The truth is out there." I have way too much patience. I love butterflies and fireflies. I hate fires. I hate flies. George Bush is not my president. I should have some mental help, but that'd help me mentally. The goverment makes money, so why not make enough for everyone? I watch T.V. even though it kills your brain cells. Personally, I'm pretty personable. I think that death is scary, but not as scary as living. Marilyn Manson makes good music, but no one gets the fact that he's TRYING to piss people off, if they'd get past that then they'd love him. I love animals, but I still eat meat. If you read this backwards, you may think I'm a Led Zeppelin fan. If you read this backwards while watching The Wizard of Oz, it won't make ANY sense. In closing, if you honestly think that I should be president--I totally agree.
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