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    not much to say here. i love reviews. i also love to write, but i'm terrible about updating. Newly Updated 8:54 AM EST, October 2nd 2011 I am apparently really really bad about updating my profile. Hah. Anyway. Am twenty-five now, going on twenty six, and I'm neglecting my fanfics more because I'm writing original novels now, instead of just neglecting my fics because I'm a horrible person. I've been reading, though, and may start updating again soon. Last Updated 9:57 PM Eastern US time, December 8th 2008 Holy shit, is this Kori updating her profile? IT SURE IS. I realized that a lot of people have real information in their profiles, and decided to share some of me with everyone! I'm twenty five, and live in Virginia Beach (Guess which state, I dare you.) I'm probably one of the whitest girls in America, and I'm pretty eccentric already. It's my life's goal to become 'that creepy cat lady down the street' somewhere. I smoke like a chimney, and I'm happiest with some foreign music playing, a cig in hand, an open book (or four) lying around, and firefox open to whatever happens to catch my interest. I've been known to spend hours on Wikipedia, searching random things and then clicking links within the articles. I have several internet handles, including Yami Bakura (Y|B for short), weiss archer, weiss kittyn, and most popularly, koritsimou. It's an elvish word (no elvish you know, so put down that Tolkien dictionary) that means 'little cat'. My 'fursona' is an ocelot, and my spirit animal is the cat. (I like cats. XD) I have a horrifying sense of humour, am antisocial and somewhat sociopathic. I go by Omi with some people, but I prefer Kori in general. I love my fandoms, and have met some of the greatest people on earth through these loves. Well, this is way too long now, so I'll wrap it up. .::NEW::. Story Completions: I'm only working on old Harry Potter stuff right now, and I may write some new ones. Not sure. Either way, it's Harry Potter right now. --Displaced Redux (rewrite of Displaced) three chapters complete, I intend to finish it. --Infusion of Wormwood and Asphodel (rewrite of samename) Nothing yet. I just refound it, and want to rewrite/finish it. --Crack of Sunlight (new) based on a Pink song, not sure about it yet.
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