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    Hey everyone! I'm not new to the site, but I am new to writing fanfics. (odd I know, but life is like that.) Anywhozle! I hope you enjoy the stories I make, they may not be the greatest, especially cause I don't have a beta at all (and the whole new thing kinda throws a wrench into things) but I hope I improve over time and make the stories more enjoyable to you! The main types of stories I may end up doing are most likely going to be Bleach, Naruto, Legend of The Dragoon, and Full Metal Alchemist. My main site is actually on fanficion.net (see homepage link) but because they are currently having problems with updating stories, I decided to dust off this account and start posting. I don't mind constructive critiques, but if you decide to flame, expect to see lots of metal, cause I'll use you to help heat my black-smithy forge. :D

    Now some background on me!
    Gender: Male 

    Education: Bachelors in History

    Race: White, can't say which nationality cause I'm from all over Eastern Europe and possibly Russia. OAo;;

    Residence: Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

    Hobbies: Acting, kendo, black-smithing, Leather working, drawing, soccer, skiing, playing various games and now... apparently writing fan-fics.

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