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    I am 22 years old, with a love for the written word. Those of you who have seen what I have written may be thinking, 'why the heck does she not update?' To answer that, somewhat at least, I have lost a bit of the track I wanted my stories to go in. No I have not decided to leave them where they are, but I have had some trouble with coming up with the next part of some of the adventures in my fics. I will, at least this year, have time to update - if not finish (no promises on this, but I will promise to try) them. TO BE WORKED ON/FINISHED: 1. En Donde El Fuego Consume - This one I have the most ideas for shaping in my mind. I have also worked on it a bit over the summer... 2. The End of Boredom - This one I will be able to pick up with rather easily, but the ideas for scenes are still a little hard to picture 3. Simple Words - This one will be under-going some major reworking. I truely am not happy with what I wrote in this one when I was 17. FINISHED WORKS: 1. Three Year Old Innocence 2. Fantasy Love NOT SURE IF I WANT TO CONTINUE THESE (they were supposed to be one-shots, but...) 1. Answers in a Movie 2. Promise of a Touch

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