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    AMT Status Update 7/28/12:  Chapter 7-Tai Breaker is coming along at a molten pace.  A million apologies for sucking at posting, I know it's annoying.  This fic will be finished, so sorry for the delay!     

    Fic Recommendations:

    Final Fantasy:

    Protecting The Lion by DB2020

    Whispered Screams (WIP) by Angry Angel

    Gundam Wing:

    Freeport by Maldoror

    The Arrangement by Maldoror

    Broken Warriors by pyrzm

    Dance With the Demons by Blue Soaring


    The Last Two Men (Heroes) by toestastegood

    Beautiful Day (The Matrix) by Joules

    Common Ground (FAKE) by Neeker Breaker

    Telegraph Avenue (OC) by hackthis

    Commuter Flight Stories (QaF) by Netlagd

    Leaving Time (SG-1) by Jane Davitt

    Original Fics:

    Creative Employement (original) by Noel Blue

    Pet Shop of Horrors:

    Sadie, Sadie by Raison D'etet

    Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner by Dragonchan


    Vindication by P.L. Nunn

    Relax and Hang On...Again by cupnjava

    Sherlock (BBC):

    A Cure for Boredom by emmagrant01

    Chameleon (WIP) by velvet_mace

    Tennis series by Jupiter_Ash

    The Quiet Man by ivyblossom

    The Progress of Sherlock Holmes by ivyblossom


    Hang Time 'Verse (RPS) by ze_pink_lady

    Not Made of Bronze (RPS/AU) by pussycatbelle

    Snapshots (RPS/WIP) by titheniel

    Someone You Might Have Been (RPS) by fleshflutter

    Tiny Cities Made of Ash (RPS/AU; Read this fic RIGHT NOW) by hkath

    When Darkness Falls (AU/WIP) by Kasten

    Weiss Kreuz:

    Possession Arc by Paxnirvana

    The Kid's Dangerous by Utopian Trunks

    Cages by Nekojita

    The Violet Eyes Arc by Nekojita

    I Hate Him by Animegher

    Shadow Games by P.L. Nunn

    It's a War In There by Merith

    Walking On Hell by Scribblemoose

    The Sous-Chef (WIP) by RedQueen

    Sing For the Moment by Mami

    Another Heaven by Androgene

    You're Joking, Right? by kinukitty

    Chains by MikoNoHoshi

    Distraction by fire mystic

    And really, a lot more where this came from. If you're looking for recs on a specific fandom, e-mail me, and I'll load you down.

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