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    Been MIA for a few years, but I'm back now. Reloaded some of my stories now that I have some more writing experience under my belt. I started reading fanfiction here back in 2004. The very first story I read was Aya x Yohji and I was hooked. I have been an anime fan since God knows how long, so when I was introduced into this world, there was no going back. Soon after, I began writing fanfiction myself. I started with Weiss Kreuz then moved to others like Yuyu Hakusho, Fake and Inuyasha. It was in 2007, that I wrote my first Original novella. You can visit my webpage at www.myspace.com/xyfantasy to check out the two that I'm working on. I had a number of stories posted here, but when the site moved to a new database they were all erased. At that time, I had not had the time to post them back as I had been working on my own books. However, recently I've found that I have a little more time to spare, so I'm writing FanFiction again. I hope that you enjoy my new stories. I look forward to reading your reviews. buenagirl Favorite Animes: Yuyu Hakusho, Weiss Kreuz, Saiyuki, Gravitation and Kenshin.

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