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    Just to let you know I live in my own crazy little world. All of my stories will have twists upon twists and random craziness. I will try to keep you guessing through the whole thing. I'm 37 yrs old and live in Florida. My sister stratas started posting stories first but then I got into it. I have seen all kinds of anime. My favorite couples are Trunks/Pan, Goten/Bra, Sasuke/Naruto,and Hiei/Kurama. THATS RIGHT!!!! I am a yoai fan girl and proud of it. With that said however I will not read any DBZ boy/boy or girl/girl pairings. I am a true Trunks and Pan supporter. I just can't stand Marron. I don't know why but I completely hate her. I will not read any story that puts her with Trunks or Goten.
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