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    I enjoy writing fanfic and reading well-written erotica. I'm an avid gamer and generally read and write fan fics related to that. I am a very avid WoW player and while I have never written any myself, I love to read WoW fics. I also love Tekken and Street Fighter.

    I write about Street Fighter, J-Rock fandoms (specifically X-Japan!!) and whatever else I'm obsessed with.

    My favorite Street Fighter characters are Vega (Balrog), Chun Li and Cammy. I have a rather AU view of Vega and his personality so I don't like shipping him with people really, especially in slash situations. I don't really prefer slash myself. Though if I must choose someone, Chun Li. They are closest in cannon to one-another.

    Currently I am working on a fan fic from SF, for Vega (Balrog). It is his autobiography of his life before Shadowlaw and the un-timely death of his beloved mother; a prequel. If you love darkly intense psychological dramas and villains with depth, don't miss this! (Knowledge of the game and the character are not neccessarily required but helpful to read it!)

    Feel free to email me at anytime with comments and questions! I love to get feedback from my readers.

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