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    I enjoy writing fanfic and reading well-written erotica & fanfic. I'm an avid gamer and generally read and write fan fics related to that. I am a very avid WoW player and while I have never written any myself, I love to read WoW fics. I also love to play Tekken and Street Fighter.

    I am primarily a writer over at, where I have been since 2000 but I joined here as another venue for my work and to be able to explore more explicit ideas! Feel free to check out my profile there, though I post both places.

    I've been writing Street Fighter fic since 2003; My favorite Street Fighter characters are Vega (Balrog), Chun Li and Cammy. I have a rather AU view of Vega and his personality so I don't like shipping him with people really, especially in slash situations...but I am open to possiblities!

    I have written a prequel of Vega's life growing up in a severely dysfuctional family full of abuse & violence, called Origins of the Spanish Ninja: Tastes Like Red Wine, and how he grows on his journey to becoming Shadowlaw's top assassin! Even if you have no intrest or knowledge of Street Fighter, you won't need it with this story since it's also an Origin fic! If you enjoy twisted psychological drama and action, this is the right story! I plan to make this a trilogy and recently after completeling Origins of the Spanish Ninja, I have started his sequel: The Adventures of the Spanish Ninja in Japan. (No sex as of yet...)


    Feel free to email me at anytime with comments and questions! I love to get feedback from my readers.

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