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Favorite Authors

  • DracOnyx

    She has a grasp on the Yugioh characters that is beyond compare.  Her stories are incredible with plots that draw you in and make you beg for more!

  • JadedKatrina

    At the moment, she's got original fiction left but I've followed her on other sites and she has some great stories in the works.  Definitely one to follow!

  • Silvershadowfire

    Without a doubt, one of my favorites to read here.  I am always overjoyed when she updates because her tales are enthralling, and she has a masterful command of her knowledge of the characters!

  • LadyWolfTerri

    Another great writer with a keen insight on characters..

  • Lechan

    Gods, what can I say about her...she's incredible.  Her stories are descriptive, sensual, and very much in character with the anime she writes in.

  • FairyNiamh

    She really taps into the human depths of emotion and takes her readers with her.  She's a very powerful author and one I enjoy a great deal.

  • Sidhe

    She's a sensual writer with a great sense of humor!

  • AhmoseInarus

    I adore the stories she writes as most of her fandoms are my favorites, and I love her characters and plots!

  • Fyrbyrd

    Can we say emotional plots with majorly sensual intimate scenes?  I love the work this author does!