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    Ok let's face it....I can compare myself to anime characters all day, or I can tell you about ME. I'm in my late twenties, I live in Louisiana, and I love anime and living life to the fullest. I'm an avid cosplayer, and while I may not write anymore due to the overwhelming number of other things I do online, I left behind some nice gems for you to read while I try to force myself into getting back into it so stick around.....I might surprise you and write some more.

    Physical attributes:



    Weight=115 lbs

    Hair color=Whatever color I currently like

    Eye color=Hazel

    Blood type= O+

    Body type=slim athletic


    Ethnic background=Quarter french, 2% spanish, 2% irish

    Special skills=Drawing, good problem solver. Master of the written word. Anime and pop culture encyclopedia. Chef...sorta..actress

    Likes=Sweets, staying up late, observing others, reading, writing, going to conventions, and living life

    Dislikes=Mary sues, poor story continuity and bad grammar, doing physical labor, shoes, normal food, and evil people

    Favorite animes=Tiger and Bunny, Black Butler,Death Note, Trigun, and anything that does not involve romance or shojo

    Favorite movies=Death Note live action,CLERKS I & II, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Jurassic park trilogy, Harry Potter, anything kung fu, and anyhing action or sci-fi

    Hobbies=Writing, reading, drawing, eating sweets, anime cons, animals, nature

    That's about all I can think up for now about myself without revealing too much, but I am partial to making friends and reclusive as I am, I still will be kind to others and invite them to be close with me. I enjoy reading and commenting on fan fiction as well as creating it. I hope you all have a nice day and make sure to leave a review! -JL

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