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    I simply adore the following pairings: 1. Enishi and Kaoru (RK) 2. Aoshi and Kaoru (RK) 3. Saitou and Kaoru (RK) 4. Sano and Kaoru (RK) 5. Sesshoumaru and Kagome (IY) 6. Draco and Hermione (HP) 7. Harry and Hermione (HP) 8. Kurama/Youko Kurama and Botan (YYH) 9. Rukawa and Ayako (SD) 10. Mitsui and Ayako (SD) 11. Aya and Yoji (WK) 12. Angel and Willow (BTV) 13. Spike and Willow (BTV) 14. Seifer and Squall (FF8) 15. Sanzo and Gojyo (GS) 16. Sanzo and Hakkai (GS) 17. Tokiya and Fuuko (RH) 18. Sakura and Yue (CCS) 19. Spike and Faye (CB) 20. Kyo and Yuya (SDK) I love watching anime, reading fanfictions, writing fanfictions, reading books and listening to music. I Love listening to alternative/Rock/Punk rock/Christian/Club/Trance music. I love watching movies mostly comedy/love flicks (such as 50 first dates and How to lose a guy in 10 days). A complete "laughing machine". A theatrical artist. A Filipina Fanfiction Author. (",)
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