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    Previously known as TalaxRei, I return after thirteen years, a quiet watcher and not so capslock-y as I once was. I still fail to see why you would want to come and nose around me, that hasn't changed, but welcome nonetheless.


    My fictions are only found here. If you see them anywhere else, they're stolen.


    Most my writings are OC smut trash, yes. Apparently my sole purpose in life is to torture and prostitute my OCs and fanfuck fictional husbandos in the process.


    I like big words. You'll notice that. No, I don't do it deliberately.


    Although I enjoy reading reviews left for me and appreciate the imput, I write for my own pleasure mainly and, first and foremost, for fun. This is a pastime for me, nothing more. So refrain from going full on Gordon Ramsey judgemental on me.


    She/Her. British. Professional bed-maker.
    Artist. Gamer. Loser. Twitter roleplayer. Fanfiction enthusiast. Geek.

    Trash Symmetra main.
    The Sorting Hat put me in Slytherin.
    A caffeine addict with perverted tendencies and a fondness for sleeping.
    Arguably the greatest Shimura Danzō
    fan on the face of planet Earth.
    Collects fictional husbands.
    No, I don't have a tumblr.


    — ღ —



    13/06/16 - Please bear with me. I am currently going though here and editing all the shit that's here because a decade changes a girl's writing style, funnily enough. Seriously, when I'm done with it you won't even notice it. Whenever I get around to that. Yeah.

    24/07/16 - So far my updating has only resulted in me changing the descriptions to what the piece will become, so, if the synopsis doesn't match the content that'll be why.

    14/08/16 - "Violet" has be completely updated, so enjoy that. "Calla", a completely brand new fiction, is also up.

    14/12/16 - I've been working on several new pieces, stuff ranging from Dragon Ball to Crash Bandicoot and even some Death Parade bits. Just shit that I've scribbled on a note app on my phone that needs typing. The list is below if you're interested.

    28/01/17 - "Mai Tai" is up, save a couple of typos. Death Parade non-con themed thing because I'm trash. Enjoy.

    17/012/17 - The first chapter of "Sunflower" has been edited.

    09/02/18 - "Guava", my Crash Bandicoot fiction, is finally complete. Enjoy.

    — ღ —



    {Aside from the updates due for "Sasanqua", "Dandelion" and "Sunflower".}

    Cockatrice - Dragon Ball - Zarbon/OC
    Unicorn - Dragon Ball - Zarbon/OC
    Mermaid - Dragon Ball - Frieza/OC
    Pixie - Dragon Ball - Frieza/OC
    Basalisk - Dragon Ball - Zarbon/OC

    Sylph - Dragon Ball - Freiza/OC
    Cosmopolitan - Death Parade - Chiyuki solo

    Mojito - Death Parade - Decim/Chiyuki
    Rain - Zelda - Ganondorf/OC

    Pineapple - Crash Bandicoot - Cortex/OC
    Camu Camu - Crash Bandicoot - Tropy/OC
    Snow - Zelda - Ganondorf/OC

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